MS Steel Prop

MS Steel Prop

MS Prop

MS Steel Prop

MS Steel Prop / Telescopic Steel Prop can be used in all type of building construction. It provides
the ideal and most economic method of support for all kind of Formwork, Slabs, Beams, Walls and
columns. It is used in construction work to withstand vertical loads or acts as wall brace wherever
adjustable load bearing members are required. It is also known as cheap cialis online


  • Outer members are made of 60 mm OD round pipe.
  • Inner members are made of 48 mm OD round pipe.
  • Top and Bottom plates are made of 150 x 150 x 6 mm plate.
  • Heavy duty malleable cast iron prop nut gives fine adjustment for leveling.
  • ‘G’ pin made of high tensile steel provide for sildenafil citrate adjustment.

Additional features:

-Our Roll-Threaded Props ensure no loss of material by which life and load bearing capacity of
the prop is effectively enhanced.

– As per customer’s needs, Props are available with various heads like Beam Head, ‘U’ Head,Angle Head, Regular Flat Head.


Sizes of MS Steel Prop:


Outer In Mtrs. Inner In Mtrs. Weight in Kg
1.00 1.00 10.40 Kg
1.50 1.50 14.20 Kg
2.00 2.00 18.00 Kg
2.00 2.50 1.60 Kg
2.00 3.00 21.25 Kg
2.50 2.50 21.80 Kg
2.50 3.00 23.40 Kg
3.00 3.00 25.60 Kg



Prop Sleeve

Prop Sleeve

Prop Nut Heavy


MS U Plate

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Product Enquiry